What we do

We Innovate, Simplify and Optimize every aspect of business and life, through mobile application and web based solutions. At singleclick, our customer centric approach defines what we do. Our thorough strategy and design focus on a single click approach, enabling users to live and experience a world where everything is a click away!

How we do it

Know the business
We do our best in understanding what you do and how you do it. Your business processes, market positioning, market challenges and competition are all pieces to the puzzle.

Brain storm
We get to be in your shoes and look through your eyes in taking business challenges head on. Our extensive and passionate brain storm sessions are full of energy and packed with creative ideas to address your challenges. We very much look forward to these sessions!

our love for simplistic, precise and creative designs is one of the key elements of our strategy, which in turn ensures design-driven processes for best possible user experience.

our seasoned engineers and developers start coding their magic with focus on design and usability angles. They code to perfection.

after coding, we try and break our code by scrutinizing every single aspect of our apps. Nothing is relayed till the time they have passed layers of Quality Checks.

Launch Party
Launch parttyyy !

Meet Our Team

We are a group of Young, energetic and creative individuals, self driven to build the best apps for the best clients. The Single Click team is focused on providing value and out of the box business solutions to its clients. Our love for awe inspiring mobile applications is what makes us tick.

Ziad Ahmed Khan

Taimoor ul Hassan

Rizwan Nusrat

Our Clients & Business Partners